Crepe Paper Sunflower – Greeting Card

I’ve had this idea for a while, but I have a lot of ideas and not enough time to implement them. I wanted to take both of my crafting loves and put them together – crepe paper flowers and cardmaking.

Crepe Paper Sunflower Card

For this card, I made a crepe paper sunflower, like I normally would if I were to put the flower on a stem, but glued it to a card panel. For the most part, the process for this flower is the same as if I were to put it on a stem, but with a change to the depth of the fringed paper.


  • Copy Paper
  • Bristol Smooth 300 Paper
  • Crepe Paper (Chinese) see my post about the types of crepe paper here
  • Zip Real Brush Markers
  • Heavy Weight Cardstock

The Flower Head

For the center of the sunflower, I cut multiple strips of black and brown crepe paper, and fringed each strip. When I was done fringing, I cut each strip to approximately 1/4 inch. I drew a circle on copy paper as a guide for my center, but in hindsight, I’m not sure it was necessary. I used copy paper as my base because I knew this would be a paper-heavy card and needed to keep the base as light as possible.

I started with the black (fringed) crepe paper and rolled it to create the center of the sunflower. Once I had rolled about half an inch I attached it to the copy paper where I had put down some adhesive with my tape runner. I continued to wrap the fringed-black paper around and eventually moved to brown paper. Once I was happy with the size, I trimmed off any extra long fringes to even out the center.

Center of the Sunflower

I cut off the excess copy paper, leaving me with just the center of the flower. I cut about 40-50 petals in 2 sizes and adhered them to the underside of the center.

The Card

Once all the petals were adhered, I started on the card panel. I drew my stem on Bristol smooth and used my Zig markers to color it in. I added a halo around the stem and where flower head will sit for more interest.

Card Panel

I added my sentiment and the flower head and put the card together, and really happy with how it turned out. I would love to say this was a simple and easy card to make, but fringing is tedious work.

Now, because the card has a lot of dimension to it, I had to make a special envelope to carry it. More like a box-envelope.

I would like to try another crepe paper flower-card in the future but I’m not sure which flower will work, yet…

Card and Envelope
Crepe Paper Sunflower Greeting Card


4 thoughts on “Crepe Paper Sunflower – Greeting Card

  1. Wow, this looks just amazing! I love the fun use of crepe paper and all the creativity and thought behind this. Stunning card! Thank you for joining us at Time Out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, this is beautiful, and love your authentic sunflower with so much texture created from the crepe paper. It would look wonderful in a frame. Thanks for joining our challenge this month at Daisy Chains and Happy Crafting Michelle DT x

      Liked by 1 person

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