Crepe Paper Bouquet Fillers – Quick & Easy

I’ve spent a lot of time making crepe paper flowers, but what about the little extras? Those accent flowers? These are things I want to make, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time making them. I want to spend my time making the flowers. I came up with some super-simple and easyContinue reading “Crepe Paper Bouquet Fillers – Quick & Easy”

Crepe Paper Sunflower – Greeting Card

I’ve had this idea for a while, but I have a lot of ideas and not enough time to implement them. I wanted to take both of my crafting loves and put them together – crepe paper flowers and cardmaking. For this card, I made a crepe paper sunflower, like I normally would if IContinue reading “Crepe Paper Sunflower – Greeting Card”

Types of Crepe Paper For Making Flowers

There’s a lot of crepe paper out there, from the inexpensive crepe paper streamers to the more expensive, high quality Italian crepe paper from Cartotecnica Rossi. Update – I realized long after I had originally posted this blog, that every time I stated “Carte fini”, I really meant Cartotecnica Crepe Paper. Not that Carte finiContinue reading “Types of Crepe Paper For Making Flowers”

Crepe Paper Peony/Peonies Tutorial

Welcome to my blog! For this post, I’ll be making crepe paper peonies! These are my favorite flowers to make and I just love how fluffy they are. In my video, I’ll demonstrate how I make these beauties with heavy weight paper, but definitely try it with light weight paper and the double sided crepeContinue reading “Crepe Paper Peony/Peonies Tutorial”