Crepe Paper Garden Rose

Hi there, and welcome to my next project. For this post, I’ll be creating a simple garden rose with 90g crepe paper. I’ve been reaching for the 90g crepe paper a lot lately, and think I need to increase my stash. If you don’t have 90g or fine crepe, feel free to use the 140gContinue reading “Crepe Paper Garden Rose”

Elements of Floral Composition – AECP

Hello all, and welcome to my third class on my AECP journey in level 3. This class was a doozy! I am so happy with my level 3 class choices that I just keep patting myself on the back for making such great picks. And, of course, a huge shout out to the instructors forContinue reading “Elements of Floral Composition – AECP”