Are Copic Markers Worth It?

So the question is; are they worth all the hype? My answer is YES! Yes they are!

Copic Ciao 72 Set B


I have no formal art training, other than a couple art classes in middle school and high school, and markers weren’t included in our mediums – so, the last time I used markers to colour was when I was a child. Now, I did purchase an alcohol marker set from Amazon a couple years ago that cost me about $35. Some no-name brand I’d never heard of, but the price was right. With these I got blotchy results and I figured it was just me and my lack of artistic talent. I put them aside and they collected dust.


I Bit the Bullet

A few months ago I had some extra money and thought I would bite the bullet, so to speak, and grab myself a set. When they arrived, I pulled out a stamp I purchased specially for use with copics, because I knew I was getting these markers. I stamped my image, grabbed 3 colours that I thought would blend together, and I was amazed with the results.

Now the set I ordered was not the set I received. I ordered Copic Ciao 72 Set A. I received Set B.


The image you see below is the first time I tried my copics. The stamping ink bled through because I wasn’t thinking and used an alcoholic black ink pad, but I kept going anyway cause I was so excited.

My First Experience with Copics

I spent hours researching how to use copics and how to blend colours, as I was worried I’d get the same results with the copics as I did with cheap markers I purchased on Amazon. I was wrong! My results with copics didn’t come close to my results with the cheap markers. The blending is easy, and there’s almost no streak marks with copics. I blended colours I didn’t think would blend but they do. Blues with earth tones, no problem!

Types of Stamping Ink for Copics

I’m not going to review or experiment with the types of inks that work with copics, as there’s a lot of blogs and videos that demonstrate this just fine. What I will note is that there aren’t many of them.

Based on my research, dye inks work the best. Momento inks are at the top, though, as this ink never seems to bleed with copics. So, this was the ink I purchased. Unfortunately, some of my stamped images can be a bit blotchy.

I will note, the Momento Tuxedo Black ink is amazing with large, solid sentiments. Those results are worth the getting the ink pad.

The Long – Short of it All

The only downfall of these markers is the price. I pondered purchasing less expensive, but high quality markers from reputable companies, but it would still be a financial investment. I held back, as I didn’t want to risk the same results as I’d had with the no-name Amazon markers. Copics are expensive, and from my understanding the price was increased significantly a few years back. If price is your reasoning for not purchasing this product, I totally understand. It’s a tough pill to swallow for colouring markers, but if colouring is part of your hobby as much as stamping is, I believe they are worth the investment.

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